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It will take 1 day to do the work people do in a month.
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Who am I?
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Artificial intelligence for comfortable communication.
I am a bot for sales and customer service
I'm selling
No joke! Listen to a real conversation with a customer.
I talk to clients on social media and via messengers
I can keep up the conversation in any instant messengers. I recognize voice messages and do not even complain about them.
I activate idle customers
I'm selling to the customers who placed their orders but have not purchased them, or have not made purchase for a long time.
Why am I better than other bots?
Customer: How much would it cost to start using this bot?
Bot: You can take a test drive of a bot. It's free. Assess what I can in practice.
I will answer, seize the initiative and advise
Customer: And how quickly can I get a bot for the clinic?
Bot: 1 to 5 days, depending on the complexity of your task.
Bot: By the way, we have a special solution for medical centers. Where may I send it?
I adapt to the context of a question and seize the initiative again
Bot: What problem do you need to solve?
The customer ducked the question and asked a counter question
I will respond to your counter question
Customer: Bot, you're a fine one!
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I’m a similar to a human
I understand slang
I respond in lifelike way
I am not afraid of audio messages from customers
I adapt to the tone of conversation and context
I learn
I learn on my own during a conversation
I work with a mentor who teaches me new words
I learn with you: you have a special personal account for this purpose
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I can be everywhere at the same time
I communicate with all customers simultaneously. No «Your call is very important to us»
Talking simultaneously on the phone and in instant messengers – it's easy!
I adapt to communication channel and the stage of work with each customer
It is faster than hiring a salesperson
The deployment takes 1 day or more
I can be integrated with almost everything

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Bakery orders processing

Tomoru chat-bot in Telegram and WhatsApp made it possible to automate orders processing naturally as possible for customers.

Regular customers can send the entire order in one message. Even voice-message will do! And the bot also helps new customers to make their first order.
Select the main task and run a test drive. You immediately will see my capabilities.
I adapt to the specifics and nuances of your company. I learn from your best employees experience.
I can be integrated with all required services (messengers and social media, VoIP, CRM, websites, etc.)
How I work
I work from the first days and continuously develop
I am learning from my own experience and getting knowledge from my colleagues: my «senior» comrades constantly monitor my actions and make adjustments to my work.
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Tomoru Bot — a wasabi sauce for your business
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